SimoneLipscombCitizen volunteers attend one or more Alabama Water Watch workshops to become certified monitors of water quality. Volunteer monitors help the AWW program keep accurate water quality data and citizen data has become one of the most important sources of water quality information for Wolf Bay. Learn more about our monitoring program by visiting our monitoring page.

Another way to volunteer for WBWW is through the Heritage Project. WBWW is looking for local seniors to interview for the Wolf Bay Heritage Project. Specifically we are looking for senior citizens that grew up and lived in the Wolf Bay area for most of their lives. We would like to document through video and compile a video library of our living treasures. Please contact Liz Langston at (850) 712-1137. We would also like access to old photographs of the area or news articles to scan and preserve.

WBWWMembership Application

To learn more about membership in WBWW please follow this link.

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